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Smart Power: Integrated solar energy solution kuchokera ku Rika Solar

Nthawi: 2022-04-29 kumenya: 39

Smart power: Integrated solar energy solution from Rika Solar


Rika Solar is professional manufacturer of lithium batteries and solution provider for solar energy system mu China, woperekedwa ku providing safe, reliable and cost-effective products in solar energy systems to worldwide customers. Business involves in household electricity, vehicle solar power storage and other solar PV system.       


Rika Solar's products mainly onjezerani: lifebatteries, solar inverters, solapanels and complete solapower kits. After years of development, Rika has a fairly mature technology in lithium batteries for solar energy storage and is becoming vertically integrated in solar power system. By the end of 2021, more than 1.5GWh products have been served to more than 100,000 users, mainly in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. With high-performance products and professional service, Rika Solar is widely praised among users.


Rika Solar is striving to become a leading IoT company that understands users the best and hopes more and more people choose Rika Solar for a cleaner world.


To solve the problem of energy consumption, Rika Solar is a wise kusankha.